Our Values

Since 1985, we’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of a thriving craft beer community in Ontario. At the heart of our success has been our commitment to the values that helped build our brewery and have helped us thrive:

Diversity & Inclusivity - We lead by example in helping build and promote a more inclusive and equitable craft beer industry that welcomes everyone. 
Independence - We’re proud to be an independently owned brewery and we’re deeply connected to the community of beer lovers who’ve been with us over the years.
Sustainability & Climate - We stand for our planet through our approach to circular brewing, our sustainability initiatives, and climate projects. 
Quality - As one of Canada’s original craft breweries, we know what goes into brewing consistent, high-quality beers made from the best ingredients possible.
Community - We’re committed to giving back and supporting charities and local community organizations that work to make our world a better place.
Creativity - Creativity is a driving force in everything we do, from beer recipes, to can artwork, to marketing materials, events, and everything in-between.
Beer Education -  We’re beer people, and we want to share our love of craft beer and our knowledge through samplings and beer education.