Cascade Sparkling Hop Water

Anytime, Anywhere. It’s always the perfect time to crack open a fresh can of Sparkling Hop Water and enjoy the taste of locally grown Ontario Cascade hops. With no calories and no alcohol, this super refreshing sparkling hop water is crisp and lively with bright citrus and grapefruit hop character!


ABV: 0.0%%   |   SIZE FORMATS:  355ml can. 


Refreshing sparkling water with the crisp taste of locally-grown Ontario hops!

No Calories, No Alcohol, No Carbs
A healthy and refreshing 0.0% non-alcoholic alternative to beer with zero calories and zero carbs.

Locally Grown Hops
We put sustainability first and use locally-grown Ontario hops. Our unique process brings out the bright and fruity hop character without any of the bitterness.

Anytime, Anywhere
At work, at breakfast, or on the go, it’s always the perfect time to crack open a can of Sparkling Hop Water.



 Cascade hopwater

At Wellington Brewery we’ve spent over three decades creating and sharing flavourful, award-winning craft beer. We’re beer lovers at heart but we also know that you can't drink beer all the time! And that’s where the inspiration for our Sparkling Hop Waters came from. 

We set out to make a refreshing non-alcoholic alternative to beer that would be perfect for those times when a beer doesn’t fit - with lunch, at work, on the beach, or out boating - the opportunities are endless. When you’re craving something crisp and hoppy but you don’t want the alcohol, Sparkling Hop Water hits the spot. 

It’s no secret that we love hops. And when we discovered a way to impart the bright citrus and vibrant pine notes of our favourite hops in sparkling water, we knew we were on to something. Our unique process involves adding hops directly to the boil with a touch of brewers yeast to help transform the hop flavours, bringing out the fruity flavour characteristics without the astringent hop bitterness. 

Our two year-round Sparkling Hop Waters - Cascade and Chinook - feature 100% locally-grown Ontario hops with no sugar or artificial flavours added. We support local hop growers, including our friends over at Hayhoe Hops who grow all of the hops used in our core offerings. By sustainably sourcing our hops from local farmers we’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions while using some of the highest quality and best tasting hops we could find anywhere.

For a lot of people, their first sip of a Sparkling Hop Water is a welcome surprise - it’s crisp, it’s lively, and the vibrant citrus hop flavours shine without the hop bitterness. Each Sparkling Hop Water showcases a single hop variety, so you can discover the unique flavour characteristics of each hop and compare them side by side. And the best part? With no alcohol, no calories, and no carbs, Sparkling Hop Water is truly a drink that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. 

Crack open a can of Sparkling Hop Water today and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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This fresh, bright cocktail made with our Cascade Sparkling Hop water features freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. The addition of a thyme sprig to bings out the herbaceous notes of there cascade Hop Water. Try this cocktail with gin or a non-alcoholic distillate for a tasty N/A drink!



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 Cascade sparkling hop water