Yuletide barrel aged bottle

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Yuletide Barleywine

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Yuletide BarleyWine 

VINTAGE - 2017

It's a Christmas tradition! Each holiday season we release a new vintage of our award-winning Yuletide Barleywine. This year we aged some of our 2017 vintage in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels which contribute rich oak flavours alongside subtle notes of vanilla and smoke. With strong notes of toffee and raisins, a suggestion of coconut, and a smoky finish, this enticing barrel-aged barleywine can be enjoyed fresh or cellared for future enjoyment. Cheers!

 Brewed as a collaboration with New Brunswick brewer Iain Brannigan

ABV: 11.9%   |   IBU: 55   |   OG: 24.3ºP   |   FG: 2.9ºP   |   GLASSWARE: SNIFTER   |   COLOR: SRM 15

Available size formats

750ml bottle