Cereal Killin Stout

Cereal Killin' Stout

Cereal Killin' Stout

This American Imperial Oatmeal Stout is a collaboration brewed with homebrewer Keegan Panjer, who created the recipe and brewed this unique stout on our new pilot system alongside our brewers. The recipe for this tasty winter warmer was the winner of the Short Finger ‘War of 1812’ Homebrew competition this past summer. We’re excited to bring this killer oatmeal stout to you for Winter 2017!

ABV: 7.6%   |   IBU: 48   |   OG: 18.1ºP   |   FG: 4.3ºP   |   GLASSWARE: SNIFTER   |   COLOR: SRM 50

Available size formats

750ml bottle