crushing depths

Crushing Depths IPA

w/ Blueberry, Lemon, and Charcoal


Under the surface, beyond where the light reaches, is where you’ll find an unexpected surprise. 

Unlike anything you’ve seen before, Crushing Depths IPA uses activated charcoal to give this beer an off-grey frothy head with a deep murky purple colour. Brewed using local Ontario blueberries, this IPA has a bright berry aroma which flows into the unique hop character of Barbe Rouge and Mosaic hops, finishing nice and dry with lingering notes of pithy lemon zest.

Stare into the Crushing Depths and dive in!

ABV: 7.0%   |   IBU: 50   |   OG: 15.9ºP   |   FG: 3.0ºP   |   GLASSWARE: TULIP  |   COLOR: SRM 25

Available size formats

473ml can