Fine italian Pilsner can

Fine Italian Pilsner

So crisp and so clean, this Italian-style Pilsner is dry-hopped with loads of Hallertau Mittelfrüh and Saphir hops and then lagered for over 5 weeks. The result is a hoppy pilsner that is pale gold in colour with a fluffy white head and grassy, herbal hop aromas. With a creamy mouthfeel showcasing sweet cereal malt character and notes of honey this tasty pilsner is in perfect balance with the earthy and floral hop bitterness that lingers on the finish. We took our time to make this Fine Italian Pilsner, so we hope that you’ll take your time to kick back and enjoy the finer things in life. Cin cin!

ABV: 5.5%   |   IBU: 30   |   OG: 12.2ºP   |   FG: 1.9ºP   |   GLASSWARE: PILSNER  |   COLOR: SRM 4

Available size formats

473ml can