M31 Andromeda  is the original M31 Imperial Stout aged for 9 months in bourbon barrels. This classic barrel-aged stout has bourbon, chocolate, and toasted walnuts on the nose with a deep woody bourbon and butterscotch flavour that finishes with big chocolate and caramel notes.






M31 Almach combines a special coffee blend from Planet Bean with the bourbon barrel-aged M31 Imperial Stout. Intensely aromatic and flavourful, Almach has a nose of freshly brewed coffee, almond, and bourbon with wood character and a rich coffee flavour on the finish.






 M31 Mirach is a Neapolitan inspired take on M31 with Vanilla and Strawberry flavour upfront, followed by bourbon and cocoa notes on the nose. Complex notes of strawberry jam, vanilla bean, dark chocolate are followed by roasted plums, dates, and smoky bourbon on the finish to create a decadent imperial stout.

m31 glassware