UVB-76 Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout Gift Pack

A torrent of radio static is interrupted by a mysterious buzzing tone and occasionally a voice repeating the names: Boris, Maksim, and Mikhail. UVB-76, also known as "the Buzzer", is a mysterious Russian shortwave radio station that has been broadcasting continuously at 4625 kHz since 1973. Inspired by this cryptic radio transmission, brewer Jeff Wilson has created an annual series of barrel-aged imperial stouts with decadent flavour combinations.

This year marks our 5th annual UVB-76 release, so we’re revisiting some fan-favourites in this limited edition gift pack. Taste them side by side and explore the bold and enticing flavours of these massive barrel-aged imperial stouts in a custom UVB-76 tumbler glass. This Year's installment of the series includes UVB-76 Boris - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout w/ Hazelnut & Vanilla, UVB-76 Maksim - Cognac Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout w/ Toasted Coconut, Bitter Orange, and Dried Cherries, UVB-76 Mikhail - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout w/ Cinnamon, Cocoa, Vanilla, and Chillies

Share this one-of-a-kind gift pack with any craft beer lover. You can drink these fresh or cellar them for future enjoyment. Cheers!