Welly Re-Booted Mix Pack Vol 2

The 2nd volume of our Welly Re-Booted Mix Pack features a selection of our most popular one-off beers. These are the fan favourites, the recipes that are so delicious we couldn’t resist brewing another batch. Cheers! Rhubarb Saison
1 x 355 mL • 5.1% alc./vol.
A flavourful summertime saison with a spicy floral and herbal aroma, tart rhubarb flavours, and a crisp dry finish. Shangri-La IPA
1 x 355 mL • 6.0% alc./vol.
An unfiltered American-style India Pale Ale with an otherworldly aroma of citrus, lemon and pine and a deliciously hoppy finish. Cuckoo For Cocoa Husks
1 x 355 mL • 6.0%
We brewed this classic porter recipe with cocoa husks added directly to the mash, perfectly complementing the roasted malt flavours of this delicious medium-bodied porter. Friday Helles Lager
1 x 355 mL • 5.0% alc./vol.
Inspired by traditional German-style light lagers, this classic, refreshing, and crisp lager is brewed using a traditional step mash process and lagered to perfection.

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Welly Re-Booted Mix pack Vol 2