Arkell Best Bitter


First brewed in 1985, Arkell Best Bitter is an amber session ale with a mild caramel and biscuit malt body and a subtle floral hop finish. With only 4% alcohol by volume, this well-balanced English-style bitter is the perfect session ale for any occasion!


ABV: 4%   |   IBU: 20   |   OG: 9.4ºP   |   FG: 1.8ºP   |   GLASSWARE: PINT  |   COLOR: SRM 13  |   SIZE FORMATS:  473ml can.  Draft keg.  Draft cask. 

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Available size formats

473ml can
Draft keg
Draft cask

Recent Awards

Silver (English Bitters)

Gold (Bitter)

Silver (British Pale Ale / Bitter)

Arkell Best Bitter is a beer that is near and dear to our hearts; it’s the first beer we ever released, and it’s been a mainstay in our lineup since we opened our doors back in 1985. It also has the distinction of being our go-to staff favourite and it’s not hard to understand why. Arkell is a study in striking that absolutely perfect balance of malt sweetness and crisp, earthy bitterness.

Over the years people have thrown around the term “sessionable” when describing almost any low alcohol beer but it’s a term that is truly encapsulated by the experience of drinking an English-style Bitter. This is a beer that’s made to be enjoyed on a Sunday afternoon at your favourite local pub while watching the game. It’s a beer that is designed to be truly appreciated over a longer stretch of time with a lower alcohol content that doesn’t sacrifice flavour. If you’re visiting Guelph, be sure to pop by Wooly Pub, where they have this available on cask year-round.

Over the years, we’ve spent countless hours explaining “what a bitter is” to beer drinkers and there were even a few dark years where we dropped the term “bitter” entirely and called it an “amber ale”. But when you get down to it, this really is the quintessential English bitter: Rich amber in colour with a toasty, sweet malt character on the nose, a medium-bodied biscuit malt body with a hint of apricot and a bit of raisin followed by an earthy and well-rounded hop bitterness.

The beautiful thing about Arkell Best Bitter is its simplicity. It’s been said that bitters are beers that aren’t meant to be talked about, but are meant to be talked over, and we couldn't agree more.


This amber session ale showcases mild caramel and biscuit malt notes with a subtle floral hop finish. Easy to drink yet, complex all at once. The perfect companion to classic Fish & Chips! The bready malts in the beer compliment the batter on the fish and the carmel notes add a wonderful contrast to the malt vinegar. Subtle floral hops provide a complexity, cut through the richness of the dish and highlight the earthiness in the chips. You can even add this beer to you batter for a perfectly sublime experience!

Cheese Pairing: Brigid's Brie

Brigid's Brie pairs perfectly with light, bubbly beers such as Arkell Best Bitter. This surface ripened Ontario Brie from Gunn's Hilll Artisan Cheese in is sure to please. Creamy and gooey with hints of salt and a delicate earthy finish. Arkell Best bitter is delicate so as not to overwhelm the cheese. The creaminess of the brie is cut by the effervescent ale and sweet malty notes in the beer are highlighted by the cheese. The perfect pairing! An easy-going English Bitter meets an easy going and delectable brie.

Cheese Pairing: Brigid's Brie