This amber session ale showcases mild caramel and biscuit malt notes with a subtle floral hop finish. Easy to drink yet, complex all at once. The perfect companion to classic Fish & Chips! The bready malts in the beer compliment the batter on the fish and the carmel notes add a wonderful contrast to the malt vinegar. Subtle floral hops provide a complexity, cut through the richness of the dish and highlight the earthiness in the chips. You can even add this beer to you batter for a perfectly sublime experience!

Cheese Pairing: Brigid's Brie

Brigid's Brie pairs perfectly with light, bubbly beers such as Arkell Best Bitter. This surface ripened Ontario Brie from Gunn's Hilll Artisan Cheese in is sure to please. Creamy and gooey with hints of salt and a delicate earthy finish. Arkell Best bitter is delicate so as not to overwhelm the cheese. The creaminess of the brie is cut by the effervescent ale and sweet malty notes in the beer are highlighted by the cheese. The perfect pairing! An easy-going English Bitter meets an easy going and delectable brie.