A well-made traditional-style English Brown Ale is a rarity in Ontario these days. We make this classic brown ale without any adjuncts or flavours, just a smooth, medium-bodied, comforting English-style ale.

Brown Ales are an often misunderstood style, sometimes falling into the catch-all category of a “dark beer” that isn’t quite a stout or porter. The beauty of a brown ale is that it brings the roasted malt character to the forefront creating a full-flavoured but sessionable drinking experience that doesn’t have the richness or high alcohol content of many stouts and porters.

Our County Brown Ale lands on the slightly drier side of the style which allows the biscuit and nutty toffee notes to come through without any cloying sweetness. It’s a beer with layers and layers of malt complexity that are in perfect harmony with just the right amount of hops; not enough to dominate, but just enough to strike a delicate balance of malt sweetness and hop bitterness.

Back in 1985 when we first brewed this beer, it was intended to be served exclusively on cask to recreate the experience of enjoying a pint of brown ale in a British pub. And while we’ve started packaging this beer in cans and on draught over the years, it’s still available straight from the cask at select bars and restaurants across Ontario as it was originally intended. And trust us, if you do see this on cask somewhere, don’t miss out on the chance to try this, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.