This traditional English Brown Ale is rich mahogany brown with nice red accents. It’s complex with deep roasted malt flavours and chocolate and nutty toffee notes. The County’s flavour profile makes it a perfect companion to a coffee rubbed, grilled rib eye steak in the summer! Grilled meats compliment the roasted nutty notes and highlight the coffee flavours in the beer.

In the fall, try the County with a classic roast beer dinner, complete with roasted root vegetables and horseradish for a cozy and heartwarming meal. The veggies compliment the sweet roasted malts and the roast beef matches the richness of the beer.

Mongolian Beef With County Brown Ale

This stick-to-your-ribs crockpot Mongolian beef recipe is made with our award-winning County Brown Ale. The dark, rich beer pairs perfectly with apricot jam, ginger, and garlic to make an incredibly tender and flavourful beef stew. Best served over chow mein noodles with fresh scallions.