The SPA is really approachable and smooth. It offers a deep copper colour and a toasty roasty malt profile coupled with sweet fruity apricot aromas. Modeled after traditional English Pale Ales, this malt forward beer is perfect paired with traditional British Pub foods, like Cornish Pasties and Meat Pies. Delightful with Shepherd's Pie. Savory beef with rich sauce and sweet carrots highlight the creamy malts in the beer, while the earthy mashed potatoes and herbs showcase the earthy floral hops.

Equally delicious paired with fruity and tangy English cheddars, like the Red Leicester. The tangy of the cheddar highlights the delicate hop profile, while the fruity sweetness of the cheese showcases the biscuit notes and caramel malty sweetness.

Wellington SPA Mac & Cheese

This pub-style mac and cheese made with Special Pale Ale brings together sharp cheddar, white pepper, & sliced chorizo sausage for a creamy, decadent experience. This ultimate comfort dish pairs well with our smooth, refreshing, Special Pale Ale. A modern take on a classic pub meal paired with a classic craft beer!