The Upside is an unfiltered India Pale Ale, inspired by New England style IPAs. It’s super juicy with a burst of tropical fruit flavours to start off with, a complex malt profile in the middle that offers a smooth creaminess. Finally it finishes with fresh citrus and strong hoppy notes. The Upside pairs beautifully with spicy herbaceous foods that match it’s complexity.

The perfect companion for spicy, salty, sweet and sour Thai dishes. Out of this world paired with spicy green mango salad or Spicy Thai Noodles. This IPA fans the flames at first, then cools them in the end. Sweet tropical fruits abound when paired with Mango salad and the bitterness in the hops amplies a salty, citrus, umami flavour found in Thai foods.

Also wonderful paired with rich and creamy butter chicken or spicy, salty Spanish Chorizo. The pairing possibilities are endless with the Upside!

Portuguese-style Shrimp & Mussles with Upside IPA

This mouth-watering Portuguese shrimp and mussel dish features a punchy broth made with Upside IPA, chilies, fresh herbs, and tomatoes. It's sure to keep you looking on the Upside!