People thought we were nuts when we first launched this pitch-black imperial stout back in the early 1990’s. Inspired by the fortified imperial stouts that were developed in the 18th century for export from England to Russia and favoured by Catherine The Great, these high alcohol stouts were designed to stand the test of time.

As one of the earliest widely available imperial stouts in Ontario, it’s not surprising that this beer has developed a loyal fanbase. Clocking in at 8% ABV with rich cocoa, coffee, and licorice notes, this is a massively flavourful stout that can be enjoyed as a dessert on its own, paired with chocolate and cheese, or used as ingredient in preparing countless dishes including steak pies, chilis, and stews.

Our Imperial Stout is inspired by the traditional British style which tends to be less aggressively bitter and slightly lower in alcohol than many contemporary North American imperial stouts. With more malt character upfront and less bitterness, you’ll notice some dark fruit and raisin notes that work beautifully with the layers of dark chocolate and cocoa flavours. You can also age this beer to see how the flavours will evolve and change over time.

While many craft brewers will release an imperial stout once a year in the winter, we’re firm believers that any season is stout season, so we make this award-winning imperial stout available year-round from our brewery. Our Imperial Stout is a true Ontario classic, so embrace the darkness and dive into a pint of this tasty stout!