Bold, rich and full bodied. This Imperial Stout has complex aromas of chocolate and coffee. Hints of dark fruits with deep roasted malt and toffee flavours and a slight note of black liquorice make this stout complex yet well balanced, rich and smooth.

This Stout is a wonderful example of a dessert pairing. The perfect way to finish off a meal. Try it with the ever sinful Château de Bourgogne for a truly indulgent experience. The chateau is a triple cream cheese from Burgundy, France. It offers earthy, hazelnut notes with a divine creamy finish and holds up perfectly to the rich creamy mouthfeel of the Imperial Stout. Grab a piece of dark chocolate and dip it in the Chateau for a tasting experience you will never forget.

The Imperial holds up to anything rich and chocolatey. By this we mean beyond the classic chocolate cake, but more of the Marquise au Chocolat ( French flourless chocolate pate) type of experience.

Want to steer away from dessert with this beer and go the savoury route? Try the Imperial with cold smoked salmon served on pumpernickel canapes and creme fraiche.

Imperial Stout Chocolate Cupcakes  with Stout Buttercream Frosting

If you like a treat that's not too sweet yet very complex in flavour, these cupcakes are for you. With the roasted coffee bean and dark cocoa notes of our Imperial  Stout shining through with each bite, we're certain you will find these tasty treats suitable for entertaining, indulging and comforting your loved ones on a cold day!