2020 Fundraising Results

January 13, 2021


At the start of 2020 we set an ambitious goal to raise $25,000 in cash donations for charities and community organizations. At the time, we had no idea what 2020 had in store for us. Amidst all of the chaos and changes that this past year brought, we managed to not only hit our original target but exceeded it for a total of $32,420 in cash donations.

The past year brought us challenges and obstacles that we could have never imagined. Like so many craft brewers and small businesses, we learned to adapt to constant change, pivoting to home delivery, closing our tap room and expanding our summer patio, and finding ways to continue brewing beer while staying safe. It was a year of learning that also helped us focus on what’s important to us as individuals and as a company.

For so many people, in so many ways, 2020 was an extremely difficult year. As a brewery, we’ve always found ways to give back and support our local community, but this year felt different. Without the support of our customers and community, there is absolutely no question that our brewery would not have survived this year. And in turn, we have a responsibility as a company to support the causes that are important to us and our community during these challenging times. In some cases this meant having some tough conversations, learning to listen, and acting in a meaningful way to raise money for the causes that we care about.

So we’re taking a moment to look back at some of our fundraising efforts in 2020 and look forward to where we’re planning to go in 2021 and beyond. Thanks to everyone who helped us raise funds and support these important causes!

Queen of Craft Raises $11,930 for Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis

The first state of emergency was put into place halfway through the March 2020 Queen of Craft events. The Queen of Craft crew pivoted their plans to online events, stay-at-home Beer & Cheese packages, and the Hug-In-A-Box holiday bundle. The team also launched the Queen of Craft APA two times in March and August, collaborated with our brewery on our version of the Black is Beautiful Stout in July, and launched the all-new Nacho Average IPA in December. All of these fundraising efforts raised a record high total of $11,930 for Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis in 2020. Despite the challenges posed in 2020, this was an all time fundraising record, and is in addition to the over $40,000 that have been raised over the past 7 years. 

Looking ahead to 2021, the Queen of Craft team are planning an online version of their March event series as well as a new fundraising beer this spring in support of Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis. 

Supporting Black Lives Matter and BIPOC Voices

lacunaThe Black Lives Matter movement this year made it clear that we all need to do better in the fight for racial justice. As a company we’re committed to equality and ensuring that we create spaces for everyone to share and be included in craft beer. We felt that it was important for us to go beyond making statements, we wanted to put our money behind organizations fighting for racial justice and to do what we can to encourage and create dialogue around issues of representation and diversity in craft beer. The Queen of Craft crew collaborated with us on our version of the Black is Beautiful Stout which was part of a global collaboration led by Weathered Souls Brewing. Our version of this collaboration beer raised $1,012 for Black Women In Motion, a devoted group of Black women working to amplify and promote the voices, experiences and needs of Black women.

We also worked with the Lacuna Collective who collaborated with us to create Nothing Civil IPA, a liquid protest with 100% of the profits going to support Black Lives Matter Canada. Lexi, Truth and Ren worked together to create this recipe, and artwork featuring a powerful poem by Truth. We released this beer in August and November with both releases together raising $5,415 for Black Lives Matter. Thanks to Truth, Lexi, and Ren for their incredible work on this project. 

We’re committed to doing better for BIPOC people and continuing to have conversations around issues of racial justice in craft beer and our local communities. In 2021 we will continue our efforts to support BIPOC people and organizations and look forward to future collaborations with the Lacuna Collective. 

Rising Tide for the Hospitality Industryrising-tide-brent

The pandemic and the associated public health measures have had a devastating impact on small businesses and workers in the hospitality industry. The pandemic was a reminder of how interconnected beer and food are and it pushed us to do what we can to support our friends in the hospitality industry.

Way back in May 2020 we took part in a global collaboration in support of the hospitality industry by brewing a version of the All Together IPA. This beer release raised $1,012 for the Bartenders Benevolent Fund to support hospitality professionals facing financial hardship. 

To celebrate our 35th anniversary we teamed up with our friends from Great Lakes Brewery, Muskoka Brewery, Cameron’s Brewing, and Nickel Brook Brewing to create a series of unique collaboration beers as part of our Rising Tide Collaboration Mix Pack. Together we raised $7,316 to support SaveHospitalityCA, an advocacy group made up of over 1,000 + independent restaurants from across Canada. We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported this project and to our brewery friends who worked with us to make this project a success.

As we look ahead into 2021, please continue to support your local bars and restaurants who are facing challenging times.

Giving Back to our Local Community

While we weren’t able to brew a batch of Sunshine Blonde Ale in support of Guelph Pride, we did a special one day flash fundraiser that raised $709 for Guelph Pride. We’re looking forward to brewing another batch of Sunshine in 2021 to support Guelph Pride and who knows maybe we’ll even find a way to do some more sparkle beer :)

With many food banks facing increased demand this past year, we helped raise $3,300 for the Guelph Food Bank over the month of December as part of our Crisp-Mas fundraising campaign. Throughout December we set aside $0.10 from each 473ml can of Helles Lager sold and accepted donations at the checkout of our online store to support the Guelph Food Bank. Thanks for your generous support and let's hear it for the staff and volunteers at the Guelph Food Bank who’ve been working tirelessly to help people throughout the pandemic. You can make a donation to support the Guelph Food Bank here. 

In addition to these fundraisers we also released benefit beers to support two causes that we’ve supported over the years. We released Pencil Thin Lite Lager which raised $1,024 in support of Movember Canada to help raise awareness around men’s health issues. And we released a new variation of Sweet Caroline in honour of brewmaster Marvin Dyck’s daughter with proceeds to support Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, an organization that supports families who are grieving the loss of a child.

We can’t say it enough, thank you so much to everyone who has chosen to support our brewery this year. Your support has made this all possible, so thank you again. And here’s to brighter days ahead. 

Here is a final summary of our cash donations in 2020:

  • Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis - $11,930
  • SaveHospitalityCA - $7,316
  • Black Lives Matter - $5,415
  • Guelph Food Bank - $3,300
  • Movember Canada - $1,024
  • Bartenders Benevolent Fund - $1,012
  • Black women in Motion - $1,012
  • Guelph Pride - $709
  • Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep - $702

Please consider supporting these great organizations and thank you for your ongoing support!