$4,213 to Support Guelph General Hospital

June 7, 2021

guelph-general-donationTogether we raised a total of $4,213 to support Guelph General Hospital's Together We Care Campaign. Over the entire month of May, we accepted donations at the checkout of our online store and donated $0.25 from every can of SPA sold from our brewery, both online and in-store. 

Thanks to your generous support we were able to raise these funds to support Guelph General Hospital during a critical time when hospital resources have been stretched to capacity and beyond due to Covid-19 cases. This donation will go towards the Together We Care campaign that is aimed at helping expand the strained Emergency Department, enhance spaces for better mental health and addictions care, replace aging equipment, purchase innovative technologies, update the Special Care Nursery, and help make healthcare worker's jobs a little more manageable.

Throughout the month we also used our social media platforms to showcase the dedicated and hardworking Guelph General Health Care workers who have been going above and beyond to help keep our community safe as Covid-19 has posed unprecedented challenges to our healthcare system. 

Thanks to all healthcare workers, support staff, and volunteers for your tireless and important efforts in helping our community stay healthy!

And cheers to everyone who sipped an SPA or made a donation this month to support this important fundraiser!