Against the Currant Blackcurrant Kettle Sour Collaboration Beer Available at LCBO

July 1, 2016

Against the CurrantWellington Brewery is excited to announce details about a unique summer seasonal brewed in collaboration with Escarpment Laboratories. Against the Currant is a refreshing and tart kettle sour beer brewed with local Ontario blackcurrants. After taking home a Bronze Medal in the Fruit Beer Category at the Ontario Brewing Awards this April, Against the Currant will be available as a summer seasonal at the LCBO and brewery.

Against the Currant - Blackcurrant Kettle Sour (5.5% alc./vol.)

$7.95 / 750 mL  - LCBO #466326

Working with our friends at Escarpment Laboratories we used a simple kettle sour process to create a tart and refreshing sour beer. Kettle Souring lowers the pH of the beer by adding lactobacillus into the brew kettle which produces natural lactic acid. When the appropriate sourness is achieved, the kettle is brought to a boil killing any living lactobacillus, leaving behind a distinctly sour beer with notes of lemon and honey.

To round out this unique beer we added local Ontario blackcurrants which contribute a purple hue, earthy berry notes, and a tart finish to this tasty summertime beer!

For the past few years, Wellington Brewery has shared their lab space at the brewery with the young entrepreneurs behind Escarpment Laboratories, a start-up company providing brewers with Ontario’s first local source for brewers’ yeast. After a number of small one-off collaboration beers and pilot batces, it seemed inevitable that the brewers at Wellington and the yeast experts from Escarpment would team up to create a larger seasonal release.

“We tossed around a few ideas, we knew that we wanted to do a kettle sour rather than a traditional style beer like a berliner weisse or gose, and using a local Ontario fruit seemed like a natural fit” says Wellington brewmaster Marvin Dyck. “Working with the guys at Escarpment has been great, they’ve helped us manage and maintain our yeast while we’ve been able to provide them with a space to grow”.

The results of this collaboration, Against the Currant, will be available starting on Thursday July 7th at the Wellington Brewery retail store and on the shelves at select LCBO locations this week for $7.95 / 750 mL bottle.