Dark matter Quantum lager collab


Dark Matter Quantum Lager with Blackberry & Meteorites

We teamed up with the folks at Royal City Science to brew a space-themed beer! It seemed appropriate to use Comet and Galaxy hops in this refreshingly crisp lager, not just for the cosmic references, but to give the beer a zesty grapefruit and tangerine boost, complimented by a subtle hint of balanced blackberry tart and sweetness. This brew pours a straw-gold with an elusive touch of purple. If you're lucky, you'll receive a random can with food-grade glitter for the ultimate cosmic pour! *Notify us with a picture to win a prize.* With the addition of Gibeon Meteorites in the boil, this beer will teleport you to new and distant realms- sparking geomagnetic storms, igniting bright polar auroras and showering your tastebuds with meteorite flavour! 

With your help, 50 cents from each can of Dark Matter will be donated to Royal City Science, a local charity run by science-lovers who have some big plans for Guelph.   The first step in their bold plan is to establish an online infrastructure for local STEM organizations to promote upcoming events, as well as engage junior scientists with online interactions.The ultimate goal of the organization is to build Guelph’s very own brick-and-mortar science playground to enhance STEM education for our community for generations to come.

You can show your support by purchasing this unique lager, or attending one of the "Science On Tap" events over the next month.  The first event is tomorrow in the Welly Taproom from 7:30pm-9pm.  Grab your tickets and learn all about "The Physics of Fizz" with Joanne O'Meara and our very own brewery, Mitch Marquis.  

Find the beer in the Welly Retail Store or order online while supplies last!

Attend Royal City Science's "Science On Tap" Talks to learn more about cool stuff and support the initiative!