Cascade Sparkling Hop Water Cocktail

April 28, 2021

Cascade Sparkling hopwater recipe




Nothing beats a refreshing Sparkling Hop Water on a warm, sunny day. So why not get creative and try using our new Sparkling Hop Water as a mix to create a tasty cocktail. Whether you'd like to mix a traditional spirit-based drink or a non-alcoholic version this is a recipe you're sure to enjoy. Curated by Bartender and Mixologist Katie Shewen, this fresh summer thyme spritz cocktail will leave you thirsty for more! 

cascade hopwater cocktailMETHOD: Muddle, shake, fine strain, top 

GLASS: Collins/Highball


-1 sprig of thyme, muddled

-1 oz gin or non-alcoholic gin/Seedlip Garden 108 or omit alcohol, it will still be delicious!

-1 oz grapefruit juice (from real grapefruit)

-½ oz lemon juice 

-1 oz simple syrup

-Cascade Sparkling Hop Water



-Grapefruit wheel

-thyme sprig


  1. Add muddled thyme, gin, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, simple syrup and ice to cocktail shaker, shake it up.
  2. Rim your glass with grapefruit wedge and sugar.
  3. Add ice to your glass, then fine strain into glass from shaker.
  4. Top up with Cascade Hop Water.
  5. Garnish with ½ grapefruit wheel and thyme sprig.

Enjoy on a hot day!

Think you can mix something unique and delicious using Cascade or Chinook Sparkling Hop Water?  Submit your recipe to for a chance to have your recipe featured and a free 6-pack of the sparkling hop water of your choice!

Katie Shewen is a fourteen year veteran of bartending. She has worked behind the wood in both the UK and Canada. Since returning to Ontario she developed bar programs at some of Wellington County’s most beloved bars including Ox in downtown Guelph and Earth to Table: Bread Bar. She currently resides in Elora where she helped open The Porchlight and The Friendly Society. This past summer Katie joined The Wild Tart to run the street patio bar and is about to embark on a new adventure with that team. Lovers of cocktails will soon be able to find Katie at The Elora Diner and Badley Bar in the historic Metcalfe Building in downtown Elora. You can follow her on Instagram @countycocktails