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This month we mark International Women’s Day and celebrate the role that women play in the craft beer industry.

It’s also a time to push for more equal gender representation in craft beer. 

Women are the original brewmasters.


From fermenting fruit, honey, and rice in China to creating the world's first barley beer in Mesopotamia, women have been at the heart of beer since the very beginning.

This month we mark International Women’s Day and celebrate the role that women play in the craft beer industry. It’s also a time to push for more equal gender representation in craft beer. 

Today the craft beer industry continues to be a male dominated space. 


The Canadian Craft Brewers Association conducted an industry-wide survey to assess the state of diversity and inclusivity in the Canadian craft beer industry. And while these stats aren’t available yet, the Brewer’s Association stats from 2018 indicated that 23% of brewery owners in the U.S. are female, and only 2.9% of breweries are fully women-owned.

Over the past year people in the craft beer industry have been having some big conversations about discrimination and safety in the beer industry. Many of the stories of gender discrimination, racism, sexual assault, and harassment in the beer industry were shocking to hear but unfortunately they were not surprising. These stories and the conversations around these issues have made it clear that as an industry, we need to do better.

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So what have we done to support women in craft beer?


As one of Canada’s original craft brewers, we’re committed to developing and maintaining a rich workplace culture where diversity and inclusion are a focus and every employee is treated fairly, with respect and dignity. There is always room to learn, grow, and improve but here are a few of the ways we support women in beer:

  • 51% of our employees identify as women with gender diversity represented in all areas of our company from brewing to management to sales and retail, women play a key role in our success. 
  • Queen of Craft is beer that builds community. Based out of Wellington Brewery, these beer-loving women create unique beer education programs, support local charities, and build community through these initiatives.
  • Since Queen of Craft started in 2013 the program has raised over $45,000 for Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis to support the vitally important work they do to provide resources and support to women in our community.
  • We have updated and made public our company Code of Conduct so to help foster a safe and discrimination-free workplace, where everyone is celebrated and women's voices are elevated.
  • We’ve formed a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee that meets to discuss issues and suggest workplace improvements.
  • We provide regular staff training on violence and harassment in the workplace including sessions on bystander intervention.

What can you do to support women in beer?


  • Find out what breweries are women-owned, women-managed or breweries that highlight their women-identified employees and support those businesses when deciding what beer to purchase.  
  • Keep an eye out for beer releases with a charitable donation supporting or promoting women's causes. 
  • Encourage the women in your life to participate in craft beer culture
  • Support women who pursue a career working in the beer industry
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This March our Upside IPA is part of a Women in Beer themed LCBO promotion featuring our brewer Robyn Weeks who’s been with our brewery for over 10 years. She’s just one of the many inspiring women at our brewery who are a vital part of our success. Thank you to all of the incredible women at our brewery!


International women's day and queen of craft


queen of craft

This month the Queen of Craft crew also have two beer releases that are helping raise funds for Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis: The Queen of Craft IPA and Spice Odyssey Chai Latte Stout. Get these small-batch seasonal beer releases while supplies last and help support a great cause!


Robyn Weeks