January 1, 2020

cheese pairing

Pairing: Chocolate Milk Stout & Château de Bourgogne Fromagerie Devlin

A stunning combination! The rich, indulgent flavours in the Chateau are matched by the malty, velvety and luxurious notes found in the Chocolate Milk Stout. Heart warming and rich. The beer and the cheese echo the flavours found in a specialty coffee-creamy-robust-comforting. The perfect dessert pairing if you add a piece of dark chocolate. Indulge with this date night by yourself pairing.


Wellington Brewery - Chocolate Milk Stout

Get a mooooooooove on it! Our fan-favourite Chocolate Milk Stout is back for a limited time. This sweet and robust stout is brewed with cocoa, lactose, roasted malts, and a touch of flaked oats. With an inviting aroma of dark chocolate and a silky smooth unfiltered malt body, this sweet and roasty stout is a decadent treat!

Château de Bourgogne Fromagerie Devlin

Burgundy, France

Description: Triple cream. Bloomy Rind. Aged 2 months. Soft, rich and creamy. This show stopper of a cheese, is commissioned by a Canadian Cheesemaker to be made in Burgundy, France specifically for export to Canada. Earthy, sinfully decadent, and extraordinarily gooey and creamy. Subtle notes of earth and hazelnuts appear with a slightly salty finish. The Chateau is truly delightful.

Chateau cheese

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