Deluxe Welly Can Land

November 9, 2021

Deluxe Welly Can Land 3


Welly Can Land is a custom-designed craft beer board game that combines beer trivia with some great tasting beers, a healthy dose of competition, and a bit of luck! This deluxe version includes a beautiful full-color game box and full-color game board and comes with everything you need to challenge your friends while learning about craft beer trivia, blind taste tests, mini-games, and more!

Welly Can Land is designed to be played with 2-6 players. This beer-themed game was created for players of legal drinking age. However, it is possible to substitute non-alcoholic beer, sparkling hop water, or another beverage instead of beer if you are so inclined. We have not indicated any suggested serving or sample sizes in the game, so please drink responsibly. It is recommended to have one of each of the 6 Wellington core brands for the group to play, but it is possible to substitute and play with any mix of beers.

 canland game board

Welly Can Land is a game focused on sharing beer knowledge and challenging your palette, so get your crew together for a fun craft beer board game experience!

Each Welly Can Land game includes:

  • Welly Can Land Game box
  • Welly Can Land full color game board
  • Trivia & Chance Cards
  • 1 Die
  • 6 game pieces
  • 1 Welly Can Land die-cut sticker

To play, you’ll need one of each of the 6 included Wellington year-round brands:



 Deluxe Welly Can Land box