Drink Fresh! - Live by the Code

March 22, 2019

Date codes - canWe’re making a change to how we put date codes on our beer by including both “Packaged On” and “Best Before” dates. We want to share as much information as possible with everyone who enjoys our beer and take the guesswork out of determining how fresh your beer is.

Why are we including both dates? We think that both dates are important to know when buying beer. The Packaging date is pretty straightforward and helps beer drinkers know when the beer was packaged and helps to determine how fresh the beer is. The Best Before is a recommended shelf life. We brew a wide range of beer styles, and while most beer styles are generally best fresh, some beer styles will hold up better on the shelves than others.

So how do we arrive at the suggested “Best Before” date on our cans? For every packaging run of every brand, we set aside a few cases for quality control. After we complete our quality assurance tests, we store the remainder of this product at room temperature, recreating a less than ideal retail environment. Our Quality Control team hosts a weekly sensory panel to evaluate and assess the flavour profile of each product as it ages. This regular shelf testing helps us arrive at each of the Best Before dates which are included on our beers. Of course, these are just our safe and cautious recommendations - some products like our Imperial Russian Stout will hold up well beyond the recommended shelf life.

So what are the recommended shelf lives of our year-round brands? Here’s a list of what we recommend:

Upside IPA - 4 Months

Kickin’ Back - 5 Months

Helles Lager - 5 Months

Special Pale Ale - 5 Months

County Brown Ale - 6 Months

Imperial Russian Stout - 9 Months

So check the base of the can edge for both the Packaged On and Best Before dates on all of our beers and enjoy our beer fresh!