Duck Dive IPA w/ Blackberry & Chai

September 2, 2021

duck-dive-websiteThis fall we’re excited to bring back a fan-favourite seasonal beer to LCBO stores across Ontario. Our Duck Dive IPA is a one-of-a-kind IPA that has loads of blackberry purée and a blend of chai spices. 

After being voted the people’s choice at our 2019 Welly Cask Fest event, we’ve brought this unique seasonal back for a few smaller releases and it’s quickly become one of our most sought-after beers. This fall, we’re excited to share Duck Dive IPA with craft beer lovers across the province.

This bold and unique flavour combination may sound a bit strange at first but there’s something incredible about how the comforting chai spice aromas float on top of a creamy malt body with a splash of tart blackberry. It all works perfectly with the massive juicy citrus hop notes on the finish. It’s an autumn-inspired IPA recipe that’s an absolute must-try for craft beer lovers!

You can find Duck Dive IPA available from our brewery both online and in-store and from select LCBO stores across Ontario. Can’t find it at your local LCBO? Ask your local store to carry it and we’ll do our best to get this on the shelves. 

Dive nose-first into this one-of-a-kind Chai-PA and let the fresh berry finish wash over you!