Free Helles Day May 26th

February 1, 2023

free helles day may 26th 2023


Mark your calendars! On Friday May 26th - we’re giving away a FREE tall can of Helles Lager to anyone who visits our brewery or places an online order.  It’s our way of saying Merry Crisp-mas as we pay homage to our favourite lager and tip our hat to everyone who appreciates a clean, crisp can of Helles.


How do I get my free Helles Lager can?

It’s super simple, just pop by the brewery retail store (Wellington Brewery - 950 Woodlawn Rd W, Guelph) between 11am and 7pm on Friday May 26th, 2023 and come grab your free tall can of Helles Lager inside our brewery retail store. 

Can’t make it to the brewery? We’ll throw in a free can with any online order on Friday May 26th. 


It’s just a free can right? I don’t need to buy anything?

You’ve got it! No purchase is required although you must be 19 years of age or older. It’s one free can per customer that visits our brewery. 


Is there anything else going on at the brewery?

Saunter into the Welly Tap room for $5 pints of Helles and hot dog specials, the ultimate lager-dogger combo. We’ll also have a few crispy inspired specials to help you celebrate Helles Day 2023.


Why are we giving away cans of Helles Lager? 

It’s our way of saying thanks to everyone who supports independent craft beer while we mark the 6th anniversary of our fan-favourite Helles Lager. And with the cost of everything going up these days, it sure is nice to get something for free right?!

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