Helles Lager Beer Battered Bratwurst

August 18, 2023

It's the perfect pair!  Slightly crunchy beer battered brat bites dipped in spicy mustard sauce for the ultimate app experienc


Helles Lager Beer Battered Bratwurst 2

Brat bites, anyone?  These bite-size morsels of battered bratwurst are perfect for any occasion. Dip these tasty bits into a spicy mustard sauce for a savory finger-food that everyone will love! Best paired with Helles Lager, of course!


Helles Lager Beer Batter


-1900ml (8 cups) Helles Lager

-2L AP Flour

-1L Cornstarch

-2 tbsp baking powder

-2 tbsp salt

-950 ml soda water 


In a large mixing bowl add all ingredients and whisk until smooth. Voila!

Helles Lager Beer Battered Bratwurst 3

Spicy Mustard Sauce


-250ml Yellow mustard

-125 ml apple cider vinegar

-100g brown sugar

-340g honey

-30ml sambal (chili paste)

-15ml Worcestershire sauce

-1g black pepper, cracked 


  1. In a medium sauce pot, combine all ingredients and bring to a simmer, whisking regularly. Simmer on low for approx 20 minutes until slightly thickened. 
  2. Cut bratwurst into 1" chunks, roll through seasoned flour and then into the beer batter. 
  3. Drop the battered sausage bites into the fryer until golden brown. 

Serve with spicy mustard dip and enjoy!


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Helles Lager

Helles Lager