Helles YEAH Chicken Recipe

June 21, 2021

helles yeah chicken recipe 

Chicken, bacon, beer and BBQ; a combination of the most pleasurable things summer has to offer. This mouth-watering recipe by @bigmikepowbbq will impress any backyard guests in both flavour and appearance, just look at that beautiful weave! 

These crispy thighs have just a touch of jalapeño heat complimented with a zing of lime freshness that will have you reaching for another sip of a cold, crisp Helles Lager!


helles chicken recipeIngredients:

8  bone in chicken thighs
24 slices of bacon
2 jalapeño peppers (sliced into rings)
1 lime 
2 cans of Helles Lager (473 ml) 
1/3 cup of your favourite bbq rub 



• Remove the skin off of the chicken thighs and place all the thighs into any food safe container with one can of Helles Lager.

• Add the zest and juice from the lime and 2 tablespoons of your rub of choice. 

• Toss in your jalapeño rings to your heat preference. Save some to use as garnish to distinguish the hot ones and seal up your container to let the thighs marinate for no more than 4 hours.

• After your thighs have marinated, it’s time to get your weave on!  Before we start weaving, get your smoker fired up to 225 degrees. 
*For this recipe I used my pellet grill and used @pitmasterspellets fruit blend*

• Cut the bacon slices in half and do a 3X3 bacon weave for each thigh. Once you have your first 3X3 bacon weave, place a thigh in the centre meat side down then carefully lift the corners of the bacon and fold them onto the top.  

• Flip the thigh over and sprinkle some of your favourite rub on then, place on a tray and repeat with remaining thighs. 

• Now take your beautiful bacon wrapped thighs and place them directly onto the grill and let them smoke until they are fully cooked to an internal temp of 165 (use a meat thermometer). When you reach 165,  it’s time to crank your smoker up to 325 and get that bacon crispy. Keep a close eye, the bacon will crisp up rather quickly! 

• Before you bite into the juiciest and most flavourful thighs you’ve ever had, don’t forget to crack open that second can of Helles lager to pair perfectly with this crowd pleasing Helles Yeah Chicken! Enjoy!

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Helles Lager

Helles Lager