Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Cocktail Recipe

May 18, 2020


Our friends at 39 Carden and Baker Street Station created this incredible beer cocktail that’s so good, we had to share. Cocktail recipes that include beer are always best when they build and enhance the flavour profile of a beer and we absolutely love the way this tasty recipe brings out the fresh tropical hop notes of our Upside IPA with the addition of grapefruit juice, lime, and pineapple. It’s also an easy-to-make cocktail that’s sure to pleasantly surprise you!


Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

2oz Upside IPA

1oz pineapple simple syrup 

1/2 oz grapefruit juice

1/2 oz fresh lime juice

1oz gin

To make the pineapple simple syrup add one part boiling water to one part sugar and one part pineapple juice and stir. Super easy! 

You just shake everything, pour over ice and top with Upside IPA. Give a stir and you're golden! Beware though — it’s deadly! 

Try it out and share a photo of your finished cocktail with us on social media!

Baker Street Station are open for takeout offering a great menu of Baker Street favourites, a few tasty features from 39 Carden (Steam Bun Sunday!), and an online shop featuring prepared food and supplies. Plus they’re offering a great selection of local craft beer that you can add to your order!




Upside IPA

Upside IPA