Pinwheel Pineapple Gose Recall

July 29, 2021

We have recently discovered a quality issue with the most recent batch of our Pinwheel Pineapple Gose with the ‘packaged on’ date of June 24th, 2021. We are issuing a voluntary product recall for the Pinwheel with the following date code as well as our seasonal mix pack that contains this beer. The date codes for these products are as follows:

pinwheel-codPineapple Gose - PKG Jun/24/2021 (date code printed on base of can)

Welly Vol 10 Mix Pack - PKG Jun/03/2021 (06/03/21 - sticker on bottom of box)

During a routine quality control panel, we identified that some cans have undergone secondary fermentation, causing higher levels of CO2 in the cans which has resulted in higher than normal internal pressure inside the cans. With this increased internal can pressure there is the risk of these cans leaking, coming apart at the seal, or potentially bursting at higher temperatures. We are issuing this recall as a proactive step to ensure that we only have the best product for sale.

The beer itself will not be harmful if consumed but if cans are stored at a higher temperature there is the risk that they could burst. If you have this product, we’d suggest that you keep this beer refrigerated until you can safely dispose of it. 

If you have purchased these products from an LCBO or from our brewery retail store or online, we will gladly replace this product for you. To arrange the replacement of these cans please contact - please include where and when you purchased these products. If you have any questions about this recall, please feel free to give us a call at 800-576-3853.

From everyone here at the brewery, we’d like to apologize for this. We know that you expect better from us and we will be reviewing our packaging and quality control procedures to ensure this does not happen again. Thanks for your patience and understanding.