Queen of Craft Year TEN!

February 16, 2023



Queen of Craft is beer that builds community. Based out of Wellington Brewery, these beer-loving women and non-binary people create unique beer education programs, support local charities, and build community through these initiatives. With 100% of the profits donated to organizations that support the wellness of women, it’s beer education that makes a difference. 

Established in 2013, Queen of Craft offers a safe and inclusive environment for beer lovers to learn, create community, and cultivate friendships. To date, Queen of Craft has raised over $65,000 to support Guelph Wellington Women In Crisis and the vital services they provide to women and their children to alleviate woman abuse and sexual violence.

Queen of Craft is committed to creating a safe space where racism, homophobia & discrimination are not condoned and where women, non-binary folks, and allies come together to learn more about beer, and form lasting friendships. We are constantly learning how to create more inclusive spaces while working alongside and partnering with industry superstars. We are united in speaking up for initiatives that champion dignity for all people, and put our money where our mouths are in the form of donations and collaborative incentives.  

This year, Queen of Craft is celebrating their tenth year of hosting beer-themed events to raise money for Guelph Wellington Women In Crisis. On March 4th, all are invited to a celebratory beer festival held at the Guelph Farmers Market with an afterparty right next door, at the ANAF.  They will also be hosting a beer and cheese pairing event at 10C, a long-standing community partner. Both spaces are accessible.  We look forward to celebrating ten years of fun, education and giving back to the community with you!

Find tickets and info for this years events here:


And thank you for your ongoing support!