SPA is the first beer in the world to have its ingredients DNA Barcoded!

August 10, 2015

DNAWhat makes our beer unique? It's not just the way we brew it, it's also our continually propagated strain of Wellington ale yeast. Wellington Brewery and the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario present: DNA SPA - "DNA Sequenced Pale Ale", the first beer in the world to have all of its ingredients DNA barcoded.

It's the same as your classic Wellington SPA - except that we DNA barcoded the ingredients! DNA barcoding is a tool used to identify species based upon a short region of their DNA called the "DNA barcode". We compared the DNA barcodes of Wellington SPA's ingredients against a reference library of millions of DNA barcodes which showed an exact match for both the hops and malt varieties used in this beer.

However - a special DNA barcode signature showed up in Wellington's strain of brewer's yeast. The yeast barcode has a 3 nucleotide insertions and 1 nucleotide deletion, which makes this particular strain of brewer's yeast unique in the reference database. This means there's been no other record of this yeast strain in the world. Allowing the strain to evolve in isolation, this unique barcode is the result of Wellington Brewery using the same strain of brewer's yeast for 30 years.

Enjoy a DNA SPA and celebrate the advances of DNA barcoding and biodiversity science with the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario during the 6th International Barcode of Life Conference hosted at the University of Guelph Aug 17-21.

A limited run of DNA-SPA labelled 473 mL tall cans will be available at the brewery while supplies last!

Here's an infographic with images of ther DNA Barcode for each ingredient.