We raised $1,570 for the GRCA!

October 1, 2021

Talk about looking on the Upside!

upside-donationThe Grand River Conservation Authority manages water and other natural resources on behalf of 39 municipalities and close to one million residents of the Grand River watershed. They are the oldest water management agency and Canada, and one of the oldest in the WORLD!
We wanted to show our gratitude for the work they do in promoting the health of our local waters, by donating 25 cents from each can of Upside IPA sold online and in our retail store for the month of October. We raised a total of $1,570 to the foundation with the help of thirsty Upside fans in our community.
Thanks to you for your support and a huge thanks goes out to the GRCA for tirelessly addressing environmental issues and opportunities that serve to benefit the entire Grand River watershed. Karen (pictured on the right) will allot this donation to one of the many projects the foundation is currently working on. 🍻

It’s important to take a break from the chaos of the world and look on the Upside! That's why we chose the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) for this month's charity of choice, as they are working towards improving water, land, and natural spaces for us to appreciate and explore. 

The GRCA manages water and other natural resources on behalf of 39 municipalities - close to one million residents -  addressing environmental issues and opportunities that serve to benefit the entire Grand River watershed.

Throughout October we will be donating 25 cents from every can of Upside IPA from our brewery retail store and online to support the GRCA.  They have lots of great projects on the go from creating canoe launches to river restoration all of which benefit greatly from financial contributions. We caught up with members of the GRCA board for a short Q&A about some of the work that they do in our local community.


What are the main goals of the GRCA currently?
The population in the Grand River watershed is growing at a rapid pace. Coupled with climate change, this growth will put stress on the Grand River, its natural features and inhabitants.
More than ever, the role of the Grand River Conservation Authority - and the relationships with our partners - will be critical to the health and vitality of our communities.
We are focused on teamwork, development, engagement and positive change. Our staff teams are well-trained, and committed to serving public needs and our many stakeholders and audiences.
Four strategic priorities guide our focus on enhancing and building on our programs and services. We operate a wide range of programs in engineering, planning, land management, recreation and education in order to:
1.     Protect life and minimize property damage from flooding and erosion.
2.     Improve the health of the Grand River watershed.
3.     Connect people to the environment through outdoor experiences.
4.     Manage landholdings in a responsible and sustainable way.
What programs are you currently raising funds for?  
The GRCF continues to raise funds to build a new outdoor education facility, the Guelph Lake Nature Centre and surrounding learning grounds.
There are a number of projects at Rockwood Conservation Area that would benefit from donations, including a bridge replacement that forms part of our beautiful trail system in the Area, restoring the Rockwood Mill Ruins, restoring the shoreline in a very popular canoe launch area, and lots of trail maintenance and restoration.
How do donations help the organization achieve its success?
The Grand River Conservation Foundation and the Grand River Conservation Authority work together to identify priority projects that would otherwise not happen without the support of generous donations from the community.
How can people get involved in helping foster the success of these initiatives?
Financial contributions remain the most important mechanism to help support GRCA initiatives that have little or no other funding support at this time. Having said that, we encourage everyone interested in supporting the GRCA to do so by exploring our conservation areas and connecting with the great outdoors in meaningful ways. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we made the decision to pause our hands-on volunteer programs indefinitely while we focus on ensuring we do our part to support the health and safety of our staff and watershed communities.
Grab some cans of Upside IPA from our brewery and online store this October and help support outdoor recreation, thriving waterways and the health of our natural spaces!