Welly Can Land Craft Beer Board Game

September 4, 2020

welly can land play

While we may not be able to go to beer festivals this year, we’ve found the next best thing to share with your family and friends. Welly Can Land is a custom-designed craft beer board game that combines beer trivia with some great tasting small-batch beers, a healthy dose of competition, and a bit of luck. Be the first to the finish line and you’ll win 2 tokens which can be redeemed for two 4oz samples at next year's Welly Cask Fest.

The game can be enjoyed by 2-6 players and comes with everything you’ll need to play as well as 2 x Welly Cask Fest 12oz glasses and a lineup of 12 unique beers to try alongside the gameplay. The beer lineup includes a wide-range of styles including 4 local collaboration beers that are exclusively available as part of the pack, the Rising Tide Collaboration Mix Pack which features 4 province-wide collaborations, and 4 year-round Welly staples. We’ve also made this available in 2 sizes: the 12-pack includes 1x473ml of each beer and the 24-pack includes 2x473ml of each beer.  

Please drink responsibly and be sure to let us know what you think!


canland boxWelly Can Land includes:

  • 8 Collaboration Beers and 4 Year-Round Wellington Favourites → 12-pack includes 1 of each, 24-pack includes 2 of each!
  • Welly Can Land Game (Gameboard, Trivia & Chance Cards, 1 Die)
  • 2 Welly Cask Fest sample glasses 
  • 2 Welly Cask Fest Tokens (for next year!)
  • 1 Welly Can Land die-cut sticker

Local Collaborations

Rising Tide Collaborations 

Welly Core Brands