Welly Climate Future Fund

April 21, 2022

This Earth Day, we’re making a commitment to ourselves and the planet to take some major steps forward in reducing our carbon footprint. 

earth-dayClimate change is one of the most urgent issues of our time. As weather patterns become more erratic and unpredictable, we’re seeing the impact of climate change on our communities, food systems, and our ecosystem. As brewers, we rely on clean water and hospitable growing conditions for quality malt and hops. For the future of beer and our planet, we're committing to reducing  our carbon footprint with the creation of the Welly Climate Future Fund. 

The Welly Climate Future Fund is a multi-year project focused on changing the way we do business. The fund will allow us to earmark money to be spent on initiatives and upgrades to our facility specifically focused on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. By setting aside these funds, we’re making climate issues a central part of our long-term planning and decision-making.

We’re kickstarting this initiative today by committing $5,000 to be spent in the next few years on projects directly offsetting the carbon footprint of our company. Some of the big projects we’ll be looking at include adding CO2 capture and recovery systems to our brewing facility, installing solar panels, switching to 100% renewable energy, and creatively developing circular brewing innovations and technologies.

In the months and years ahead we’ll be setting aside a portion of our annual sales to go directly towards this initiative. We’ll also be directing some fundraising efforts from the release of special beers and events. In the grand scheme of things, this is just a small step, but it’s an important one for us to help ensure climate issues are a priority for our brewery. 

Our Sustainability team at the brewery (pictured here) meets  bi-weekly to measure the impact of our brewing operations, set sustainability goals, and work on long-term strategies to transform our brewery and reduce our environmental impact. These folks will be working to set benchmarks and long-term goals for reducing our carbon footprint.

Stay tuned for more, Happy Earth Day friends!