There's nothing quite like the taste of fresh beer straight from the tap, and with Welly beer kegs, you can enjoy that experience in the comfort of your own home. Whether you're a fan of lagers, ales, or IPAs, we've got you covered with our selection of award-winning core brands and limited edition seasonal beers. 

Take your party to the next level and take the guesswork out of home draft beer with the Welly Keg Party Pack! With everything you need to tap and serve a keg like a pro, you can turn your next backyard BBQ into your own personal beer garden. It's a great way to impress your guests and show off your beer knowledge!

Welly Keg Party packs!

Everything you need to serve your own keg! Not only is the Welly Keg Party pack the best value on fresh Wellington Brewery beer but it's a fun way to spice up a backyard bbq or small event! our handy instructional card shows you how to chill, tap, and serve your keg, easy for anyone to do!

Here's how it works:

Choose a keg 20L, 30L, or 58L any brand, add any ice if required for a bag, Pick up from the brewery (950 Woodlawn Rd. W Guelph) and you're ready to be set up within a few hours of chilling! $150.00 deposit is required to be refunded upon return of the keg, bucket and pump.

Keg party pack includes: 1 Keg, 1 66L ice bin, 1 keg pump, 1 sleeve of cups, and instructions on how to tap serve the keg.

Welly Keg party pack 20L


Welly Keg party pack 30L



Welly Keg party pack 58L



How to Tap a Keg


How to tap a keg

How to Tap a Keg with a Keg Pump or "Pony Pump"

Make sure your keg is cold and has not been moved well before serving. Icing the bottom of the keg is the most important as that’s where the beer is drawn from. Make sure to limit moving or shaking the keg and keep it on ice a few hours before you begin serving.

Tapping The Keg

Step 1: Remove the dust cap on the keg. While making sure the lever is in the up position, screw the coupler of the tap onto the keg by turning it clockwise.

Step 2: Engage the tap by pushing the tap lever into the down position.

Step 3: Pump the tap once or twice and begin pouring!

Do not over-pump the keg! This causes the beer to foam. usually, one or two pumps per pint poured at the beginning is enough. Once the volume of beer, you may need to pump more. The key is to maintain the pressure inside the keg so the CO2 does not escape from the beer.

Keg storage

Though draft beer in a kegerator or flash cooler can last a couple of months, a hand-pumped keg pumps air into the keg to maintain the pressure and pour the beer. This means the beer can oxidize quite fast. It’s recommended to finish the keg in a day or two before the beer begins to oxidize, especially in hoppier beers.

What keg should i choose? 

Roughly how many pints each keg holds

58.6L = 99  20oz pints, 30L = 49 20oz pints, 20L = 33 20oz pints

keg sizes