Queen of Craft wednesday workshop

Beer SoapBeer Soap Making Workshop with Linda of Serenity Soaps

Date: August 16th 2017
Guelph, ON
Location: The Duke House - Wellington Brewery 950 Woodlawn Rd, Guelph ON
Web Site: Facebook Event

Queen of Craft Presents- Beer Soap Making 101

Find more uses for our favorite bubbly beverage. Don't just drink the beer.....now you can wash with it !
Adding Beer to your handmade soap creates a bar that is wonderfully conditioning and moisturizing. It lathers beautifully with a more creamy foamy type lather. Makes a great shaving soap !
Participants in this workshop will create their own custom latherlicious bars of Welly Beer Soap. Combining all the raw ingredients themselves and learning a bit of "Mad Science". Customize your soap with a choice of skin safe Phthalate free fragrance (or not) and add all natural exfoliates of finely ground Hops and Malted Barley (or not).
You will go home with over 2 lbs of all natural handmade soap equivalent to approx. 14 bars!
All ingredients as well as a handout are included.
Participants must wear long pants and close toed shoes (sorry... No sandals!). Aprons, goggles and gloves are provided.
Added Bonus: 1/2 of all proceeds of the workshop will be donated to Women in Crisis here in Guelph.
We will also be sampling all of the beers we use to create our delicious, luxurious bars :)

Maximum 8 participants.
Cost: $50 - tickets available at Wellington Brewery