4oz $2.43 | 12oz $5 | 20oz $8 | Flight 4oz x4 $10
*Premium Brands/Guest Taps
4oz $3.25 | 12oz $7.50 | 14oz $8 | 20oz $10



Spud’s Kettle Chips $5
Add Heluva Good! Dip $1.50

Barrie's Tortilla Chips $5
Nacho Cheese or Dill Pickle

Barrie's Tortilla Chips & Salsa $6.50

Dettweiler Pepperettes $5/$8
3 Pepperettes served w/ Green Olives & Crostini
6 Pepperettes served w/ Green Olives & Crostini

Fava Bean Dip $6
Fava Beans. Shallots. Parsley. Oregano. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cellar Bakery Crostini.

Peppercorn Duck Pate $6.50
w. Pickled Asparagus & Shallots. Imperial Stout Jelly. Cellar BakeryCrostini

Whipped Crosswind Farm's Feta $9
Crosswinds Feta. Blistered Grape Tomatoes. Roasted Garlic. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cellar Bakery Crostini


Charcuterie Plate $9
Atwood Summer Sausage. Seed to Sausage Saucisson Sec. La Cultura Bresaola. Pickled Aparagus. Grainy mustard.Cellar Bakery Crostini

Cheese Plate $9
 Spainsh Manchego. Bel Haven Triple Creme Brie. Mountain Oak Aged Gouda. Almonds. Blueberry Compote. Cellar Bakey Crostini

Smoked Salmon Plate $10
Sustainable Canadian Smoked Salmon. Crosswind Farms Chevre. Capers. Pickled Shallots. Cellar Bakery Crostini

Grilled Cheese $10
Cows Creamery 3 Year Old Cheddar. Grain Revolution’s Sourdough. Grainy Mustard. Ketchup. Dill Pickle. Add Roasted Red Peppers & Pickled Onions $1 Add Summer Sausage $1

Grilled Triple Creme Brie on Sourdough $10
Bel Haven Triple Creme Brie. Grain Revolution’s Sourdough. Grainy Mustard. Dill Pickle. Add roasted red peppers $1 Add Thatcher Farm's Smoked Ham $2 

Sausage on a Bun $10
Detweiller's Sausage. Sesame Seed Bun. Yellow Mustard. Nordic Cucumber Salad. Crisp Fried Onions 

Upside Chicken Salad $14
Upside IPA Pulled Chicken w/  Peaches & Mayo. Topped w. Greens. Crispy Onions. Pickled Onions. Soft Kaiser Bun. Barrie's kettle chips

Add Side Dressed Greens or Kettle Chips to any Sandwich $2.50ea. 


$7.50 Glass  |  $30 Bottle 
Lola Pinot Grigio VQA Pelee Island
Sandbanks Dunes Baco Noir VQA


Beermosa - Helles Lager and orange juice $9
Beer Caesar - Helles Lager. Vodka. Clamato Juice. Worscestershire. Ginger Goat Hot Sauce. Hand-Crafted Rimmer $11.75
Add Pepperettes & Olives $3.75
Ginger Shandy - Helles. Gingerale $6.50


Wellington Sparkling Hop Water $3.25
Nicklebrook Craft Sodas $4 Gingerbeer. Rootbeer.
Assorted Teas $3
Lighthouse Lemonade $3.25
Planet Bean Coffee $3 +1.5oz Coffee Liquor $5 

an 18% gratuity will be added for groups of 10 or more